Proven Oil and Natural Gas Production

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Encore has recently made horizontal oil and natural gas discoveries in the Peters Branch area of Lawrence County and is currently developing a natural gas transmission “pipeline” system to optimize oil production and sell natural gas to the end purchaser.  The Company has positioned itself to provide Encore, and its partners, years of production income from both oil and natural gas.

Encore ships oil directly to Ergon through the Kentucky Oil Refining Company (KORC), and sells natural gas directly to Lawrence County Gas LLC.

Encore is the bonded well operator for each project and manages its gas pipeline system(s) through a subsidiary, Encore Gas Transmission.

100% Tax Deduction Against All Forms of Income

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Latest News

October 12, 2020
Encore Energy, Inc. Provides Status Update for Horizontal Berea Oil Well Drilling, Completion and Production Operations in Lawrence County, Kentucky
Encore Energy, Inc. is pleased to report that earlier this year the Company successfully drilled the JDH #5 horizontal Berea oil well project with up to 3000’ of reported oil pay section.

March 17, 2020
Encore Energy, Inc. Announces Results from Horizontal Berea Oil Well Drilling Operations at Peters Branch in Lawrence County, Kentucky
Encore Energy, Inc. is pleased to report that the Company has successfully drilled the JDH #5 horizontal Berea oil well project to a total measured depth of 4180’ with up to 3000’ of reported oil pay section. These results are indicative of a Tier I horizontal Berea oil producer in Lawrence County, Kentucky.

February 17, 2020
Encore Energy, Inc. Announces Plans for Horizontal Berea Oil Well Drilling Operations at Peters Branch – Lawrence County, Kentucky
Encore’s objective is to drill and develop six (6) horizontal Berea oil well projects in Lawrence County, Kentucky. The Company has drilled and completed two (2) horizontal wells for production, drilled three (3) vertical
Strat test well locations, including a 2000’ vertical test section in northern Lawrence County, and is currently making plans for its 4th, 5th and 6th horizontal Berea oil well projects. The Company’s third horizontal well project is the Company’s 2nd well location at Peters Branch, near the city of Blaine.

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