With Encore Energy, Inc., you’ll enjoy:

  • Direct Asset Ownership: You own interest in oil and natural gas wells, not energy company stock that is at the mercy of an unpredictable stock market.
  • Generous Tax Benefits: Minimize your tax liability with nearly a 100% tax deduction of your investment against all forms of income.
  • Oil and Gas Revenues: Encore oversees the distribution of monthly income to participants for the shipments and sales of oil and natural gas. Oil is the primary product with natural gas providing a secondary income. As an operator, Encore receives payment directly from oil and gas purchasers, such as Ergon and the Kentucky Oil Refining Company.

Why Encore Energy, Inc.?

  • We focus on Proved Undeveloped (PUD) drilling locations in proven producing fields with an extensive level of de-risked oil and gas in place.
  • Our projects feature extensive third-party geophysical/economic due diligence.
  • Our experienced management facilitates all phases of lease acquisition, drilling, completion and production operations.  The Company is currently developing a ~3 mile gas pipeline to sell natural gas to an end purchaser.
  • We deliver direct Working Interest ownership to each Accredited investor.
  • Partner K1s are dispersed annually directly from Encore.
  • We offer straight-forward, easy-to-understand participation with zero hidden fees and full disclosure, prior to, and throughout each phase of operations.

100% Tax Deduction Against All Forms of Income

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Proven Oil and Natural Gas Production and Reserves

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Encore has recently made horizontal oil and natural gas discoveries in the Peters Branch area of Lawrence County and is currently developing a natural gas transmission “pipeline” system to optimize oil production and sell natural gas to the end purchaser.  The Company has positioned itself to provide Encore, and its partners, years of production income from both oil and natural gas.

Encore ships oil directly to Ergon through the Kentucky Oil Refining Company (KORC), and sells natural gas directly to Lawrence County Gas LLC.

Encore is the bonded well operator for each project and manages its gas pipeline system(s) through a subsidiary, Encore Gas Transmission.


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